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Mid engine F-Type ?


According the the UK mag, EVO, Jag is toying with the idea of a mid engine for their F-type Porsche Boxster fighter
I'd like to see a retro design based on the XJ13 or a Baby XJ220


<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by COUNTACH:
According the the UK mag, EVO, Jag is toying with the idea of a mid engine for their F-type Porsche Boxster fighter
I'd like to see a retro design based on the XJ13 or a Baby XJ220

Have you see pictures of the prototype F-Type? It is friggn' beautiful!




Yup, but then again all Jaguar sports cars r beauties
Best looking cars after Ferrari I think. I really hope they get a proper manual box or the new MB SL & Maserati & gonna kill XK8 & XKR sales


Jedi Trainee
The part I disagree with is that the show car was absolutely stunning but it was front engined.

I think a front engine model similiar to the show car would be better suited to the buying public..

Mid engine cars for the street usually have been compromised..(lower priced such as the boxster anyway)

I dont' think the boxster is that fantastic..I'd rather order a 2004 version of that front engined sports car..

If Jaguar does do the mid engine layout..you can bet it will scream beautiful...

Stick shift will be on standard I'm sure.

What a beauty!


Jedi Trainee
The scoop from the british mag "CAR" is that the F type is back on !


Freshman Member
Itd be good to see the F-type back on, preferably front engined...The first Jag sports car since the E-Type
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