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Thought I would share


Great Pumpkin
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I must carry a regestation and a proof of insurance in Miss Agatha as I am sure we all do.

I got a surfers waterproof tube thing for a couple of dollars at a boat supply place. Is red and unscrews with an o ring to keep it water tight. Has a lanyard on it as well.

Just drop it in a side pocket but I supose you could hide it under the dash or up in the bottom of a seat cushon. Would be a good place for a spare key if you wished.

Over the years I found zip lock bags only work so long.


Staff member
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I used an old water proof (mostly) book cover that I bought for backpacking years ago. Big enough to fit the paperwork and the original owners manual. Even fits my old Clymer handbook.


Jedi Warrior
You guys are sophisticated - I use one of those address packets - you know the kind where you slip the address label inside and then stick it to the package. It is stuck under the passenger side dash on my 74.


Jedi Knight
Good idea, Jack.

I would suggest that when the officer walks up to the car (notice I said when, not if) you politely tell him/her that your neeeded papers are...wherever...before you go reaching. They get nervy when folks start reaching in dark places...don't want you gettin' plugged!



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
I put both hands out the window when I have reason to talk to a cop. They don't need any greaf from me. Oh, I am usually asking directions.


Jedi Knight
I've installed a belt simular to what boy scouts used to wear with rivits on the wheel skirt on the drivers side to hold the small plastic tool box(maybe 8"w x 6"d x 4"h. My papers are under the bonnet in this box. I carry a garage door operater in the car and can't quite trust the world with both it and those papers with the operaters address.


I used to carry a tool kit around in the Bugeye, canvas in a ziplock when they were invented. Now I only carry a flashlight, cell phone and a credit card. Spare key? Carry a couple of pennys; stick them in the fuse block.

And do heed the bit about showing both hands to the police before going and digging around in the bowels behind the seats. They think you are looking for the shotgun.Do not ask me how I know this.
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