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food for thought


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Saw this on our Spitfire & GT6 forum. Seems like a great idea:

tapkaJohnD Graham Robson proposes All-Triumph International! Lead [-]

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(11/26/09 15:21:35)
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Graham Robson has posted this today (26/11/9)on the TRR MsB:
"You may be interested to know that I have recently floated a proposal for a massive inter-Triumph Club occasion at Triumph Forum level, this event to run in 2013 for the 90th Anniversary of the formation of Triumph (and, by the way, the 110th Anniversary of Standard).

The suggestion is that all known Triumph clubs should pool their resources for this one occasion, all should subsume their National events into this one big gig - the implication being that as a joint venture we/they/all of us should be able to afford a weekend at a major venue.

The suggestion is that all manner of 'events' should take place - including a track day, a concours, a fun run, etc, etc.

Forum will take time to consider this - and, incidentally, you would not be surprised to hear than some of the small clubs are already proving to be very negative about the whole scheme ....


When I asked if he would be posting the same elsewhere, he asked me to do so on his behalf, and I am delighted to do so.
My views are well known. I will look forward to 2013 and offer any help I can give. Hope you can come!


PS New readers start here; Graham Robson was the Standard-Triumph Comepetition Manager in the 60s and ever since has been documenting Triumph history in his books and articles. Few know and have told as much about Triumph, or have given as much time to the Triumph Clubs as Graham. The Triumph Forum is a coordinating committee of all the Triumph Clubs, that promoted the recent All-Triumph meetings such as Prescott.


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Bit far to drive methinks, not to mention damp.


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Its far enough out that if you could get shipping rates down to something bearable it would be a real hoot I think. But you are probably looking at a $10k adventure at a minimum.

I'd be more interested in seeing clubs pool more resources into common resources - a published magazine, focused spares development, etc.


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TR3driver said:
Bit far to drive methinks, not to mention damp.

I'm holding out for the bridge :driving:


Darth Vader
Or just pond worthy.


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That was great Andy!
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