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Thought I would share this.


Great Pumpkin
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Just checked, looks like I have done 825 miles since June. I am allowed 2500 per year so looks like I am on track. Total of 1440 on Miss Agatha since she has been back on the road, about 16 months.

116 miles on this tank of gas and gauge is just a tich below half so that works to just over 33 miles per gal. Will not know for sure till I fill up but in defence my trips are mostly short to date, like under 10 miles but for this weekend which was 50 miles round trip.

I am only allowed on my insurance, test drives, fun drives, and to and from car shows.

Hehe, I told them I thought all drives were fun drives and got nothing but a quite laugh from the lady.


Jedi Knight
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I'm not sure which insurance you have? (I have Haggerty) The rules from the state for having collector plates are much more restrictive than my insurance rules. Washinton State has no hard and fast MILEAGE rules but they do say...

Collector vehicles may be driven:

* to and from auto shows, circuses, parades, displays, special excursions, and antique car club meetings.
* for testing purposes.
* for the pleasure of others without compensation.

Collector vehicles may not be used for:

* commercial purposes or to carry a load.
* regular transportation in the manner of a fully licensed vehicle.

As you know I drove to LotO, which would blow such a mileage rule all to smithereens. BUT here comes the point >>>>>>>

It is ALWAYS a test to see if the car can actually get home under its own power. There has always been some modification recently, whether its as simple as a tune up, or as complex as a 5 speed installation..... AND

Every time I drive it, I see people smile. I'm sure you do too. Somebody strikes up a conversation when I'm getting gas, or I get a good thumbs up while driving. I figure that fills the bill of "for the pleasure of others".

Haggerty has a rule "limited pleasure driving".. talking to the insurance agent I told them that I would only take the car out when the roads are DRY. Living in Western Washington State, I figured that was a very limiting factor, and the agent AGREED..

By the way, I claim the 21st Century record of Spridget Miles in a single day: Over 1200 miles from Gillette Wyoming, to Kelso Washington, via Seattle. (part of the return trip from LoTO)

If nothing else, reach under the dash and undo the speedo cable! Drive all you WANT,TOO!


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Heh, I am not the least concerned Bill. Heck worse case I just remove the spedo and roll the darn thing to what ever I wish.

Only have agreeded value of 12K on her now. I think I need to raise it next June to maybe 16K, I would feel better I think. Ins cheep enough at $108 for full coverage.


Jedi Knight
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Heck I have an agreed to value of $9000 on the red thing. Yours MUST be worth way more than the $12k your doing.. go ahead an up it!


Luke Skywalker
I have Hagery too. They flat out told me they could care less how much I drive it. My Opel GT was covered by them when it got totaled this spring. They were awesome and cut me a check for agreed value (which, though quite a bit more than I paid for it, wasn't enough). Midget is back under Hagerty. I have put on just a few miles shy of 2000 since I got her on Memorial Day. I run historical plates and if there's state rules I'm breaking, no one would ever know (much less care). I always said that where ever I take the car someone looks at it, therefore it's perpetually on "show", so I'm always en route to a show! I have the Midget set at 8K and should bump it up, for the few more pennies it costs it makes life a lot nicer when the unthinkable happens, and you can go shopping for a replacement and not have to settle for something lesser.
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