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And I thought the Bugeye was small...


Jedi Trainee
Maybe you guys have already seen this, but it blew me away! Check out these you tube videos showing the construction and actual running of the world's smallest V-12 engine, an interview with the man who designed and built it, and then a third video I found of an even smaller V-8 built by someone else.

World's smallest V-12:

Interview with designer:

An even smaller V-8: click here. (Wasn't allowed to post more than two "videos", so I had to resort to a "link")



Country flag
Now, if only they ran on a petroleum fuel (not compressed air). :p Still, these are SO impressive. Haven't seen them in awhile.


Jedi Trainee
They *DO*. I'm not sure what kind of petroleum-based fuel the V-12 uses, but the V-8 was running on the same kind of fuel that is used for camping stoves with a little oil mixed in for lubrication.



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Oh! Didn't realize that!!! The first few I saw a year ago ran on compressed air. Wow. Even MORE amazing.


Great Pumpkin
I have an entire page of plans for various air-powered "steam" engines ~HERE~

The designs are intentionally simple so they can be built quickly without a lot of exotic tools or background.

Here's some built by some random people who saw the page and built their own versions:






Luke Skywalker
There's a miniature engine builder club that showed up at the Intel car show a couple years ago. They had several running engines on display. Some were replicas, some not. It was an enthusiast club, but I think you could even buy parts from some of the members.

2011-2Intel0003.jpeg2011-2Intel0017 Flathead Ford.jpeg2011-2Intel0016.jpeg


Forty year's ago I did some mold building for a company that was building RC airplane kits. The owner had some radial 4 cycle RC engines that would fit in the palm of your hand. He was going the other way with his kits and the ones that I was working on were going to be powered by modified chain saw engines. Never forget those little radial's though....they were impressive.

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