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TR5/TR250 So Ray Magliozzi Owned a TR250! Who wodda thought


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I was wasting a perfectly good hour this Saturday listening to Car Talk on NPR (actually was dropping the oil on the Mini at the time) when Ray told the story of loosing a wheel on the TR250 he used to own (a "great little sports car" - his words). Was a front wheel - he forgot to tighten the wheel nuts. Shower of sparks as he drives on the highway with 3 rubber wheels and one steel on the road. Puls into a gas station and says "fill 'er up and check the oil.

He owned it for another 5 years. Knew these guys had good taste in cars (although Ray also used to own a Dodge Dart!)

August 8 show - you can download as a pod-cast for those intrested.



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that's cool, i have toyed with the idea of calling in with some sort of issue with my '6. it would be interesting to hear their reaction and see if they would be of any help. probably would be helpful hearing this.


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One of them has a TD too, ISTR. And maybe a Fiat.


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I heard that story. I listen to them every Saturday morning. I like their sense of humor, although one of them (I forget which on) seems to laugh a bit too much at the jokes. All in all, they are very entertaining and sometimes even comes up with answers to people's problems. They don't put forth their advice as seriously as Ron Ananian "The Car Doctor" does...which is fine with me. We all need more jocularity. :laugh:


I used to listen to them years ago, but grew weary of all the self adulation and callers who wanted to record themselves on the radio! I would prefer an auto related show with good practical (click and clack provide very little) advice and less moronic humor! :wink:


I heard that show on Saturday. I have a two hour drive most Saturdays and that show saves me from total boredom on I-81.

Interesting, the people who drove and loved Triumphs. And, the TR-250 is certainly one of the greats.

Although the show is not heavily tech-oriented, it is entertaining. I love it.

Now, I want a TR-250 . . . :lol:


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Car talk is part of our Saturday morning ritual, especially if our boys are with us -- we cook a huge breakfast and listen to it while cooking/eating. Not only do I love the humor, their accents make me feel like I'm back home in New England!

Oddly, we missed this past weekend's show -- I would have loved to have heard the TR250 comment. I've also thought about calling in with some non-existent issue, just to hear the reaction!

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