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Thought I would share this video


Luke Skywalker
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Thanks Hap. Morgan's can be a really challenge when tuned right and driven well . We have a few here on the left coast that really kick as#.
Hap Waldrop
Thanks Hap. Morgan's can be a really challenge when tuned right and driven well . We have a few here on the left coast that really kick as#.

Yep Super Dave had a lots of motor, I actually turned faster lap time than him, but the straight line speed was more that the Biscuit could handle, but I will be correcting that :smile: I new the engine was tired coming into this event, lea down numbers was showing it was time for rings, but even with that I got my fastest lap time ever at that race in this car, 1:26.9, and for sure I could have gone quicker if not held up in the corners. All in all is was a fun race. The key to beating Dave in the Morgan was being able to pass him by T1, T2, or T3, after that it was pointless, as he could make it back up on the straights.


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Back in the late 90's I drove a 57 Corvette and was guilty of the same thing. Held people up in the twisties but honked on that long front straight. Your video is really clear and would like to know what kind of camera you are using.


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Excellent Footage.
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