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Random Daydeam thought - LPG Sprite


Jedi Warrior
Just thinking aloud here....anyone ever looked into running a sprite on LPG (propane)?

Supposedly it can drastically increase mileage, so in a Sprite that already gets great milage, that's even better! Further, it'd be kinda neat to run a Megasquirt system with this as no fuel pump, surge tank, or return lines would be needed.

Just a thought as I sit here and stare out the window at the office....


Jedi Warrior
Well, quick google search shows that it's probably not cost effective as the EPA is totally against a "DIY" application. You'd have to have a certified company design and install a system. Bummer.
Tank location is also an issue.


Jedi Warrior
Trevor Jessie said:
Tank location is also an issue.

True - I was thinking 20 lb tank - that'd be 4 gallons of propane. Cut out the trunk floor, build a well the size of the OEM tank. Sure, it'll use up some trunk space, but I'd be OK with that.


Luke Skywalker

Back in my youth, here in Canada, I worked for a propane company.
My job was to install propane fuel systems on their fleet.

First off, they are a pain, as they must be sealed from the driver's compartment, (explosion-proof was the terminology).
Secondly, they are not that good on fuel, despite the reports of better mileage. Our fleet actually got less MPG's but the cost was so different, (half) that it was beneficial.
Thirdly, the weight of tanks and special lines, not to mention cost, pretty much takes care of any gain you would see.

As my fellow worker used to say, "It's good to cook the bacon on, but not to bring it home with".


Dave :savewave:


Jedi Warrior
Good to know it's not the miracle path that some indicate.

Back to daydreaming about someday converting to EFI :wink:


Jedi Trainee
You're not thinking BIG enough:
How about running one with a flux capacitor?
You could then advise Donald Healey on everything that's wrong with the car. And that they should all come with supercharged 1275cc engines. And ask him why such a little engine is sooo dam heavy?
Or if economy's your thing could he fit a 2L turbo diesel engine. Might need some wider whels to go with that.


EFI can be very fun... and very frustrating. Glen has had a much better go at it than I, but he is an engineer and I am a video editor and animator. Go figure :wink:

My fantasy is a turboed car with computer controlled waste gate and variable fuel profiles. One major issue with alternative fuels is the properties of a good gasoline burning engine are not the properties of a good alcohol, LPG or CNG burning engine. Most specifically, the above mentioned fuels all require much more compression and spark advance to take full advantage of their burn properties. With my magical turbo, you would be able to increase or decrease engine compression with a push of a key.

Oh well, I have been reading the Mauterin/Aubrey books, and also fantasize about sailing the Mediterranean in search of prize ships for the king. I think I have a better chance of living out that fantasy.

Anyway, I look forward to offering advice and support on your EFI project.


Staff member
Country flag
Morris said:
Oh well, I have been reading the Mauterin/Aubrey books, and also fantasize about sailing the Mediterranean in search of prize ships for the king. I think I have a better chance of living out that fantasy.

how would you get the midget to float? :lol:

BTW, got this emailed from a friend - the actual article was in Rod & Custom Magazine the other month

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