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I need the later style rib case shift lever with the longer "nose". Someone installed a smooth case lever and it has caused issues. Any help would be appreciated. R


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Very interesting, and except for this post I would have assumed they were both the same, interchangeable. I have both, which I want to keep, but if you need measurements or any assistance like that just PM me. The "nose" is indeed longer on the original by about 5/32". I supposed if one were super clever and an accomplished welder you could slice the new shifter nose and weld in a spacer to make the nose longer. If you zoom in it looks like they might have done that to make it shorter, like they took a slice out.


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BillyBud. 5/32" is the info I was looking for. I'll see what the guy at the welding shop can do. Thanks for the help. I've been stymied. R


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BillyBud. Thanks for the parts contact. The $20.00 listing I found for them was for a stock Bugeye lever. That sounds like a smooth case part. I left them a note to contact me. We'll see if that happens.
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