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gluing a panel on to a bugeye


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very interesting video from Classic motorsports, both the technique - but, particularly as it is a bugeye. I have never seen one peeled open like that or the proper insertion of the centre strip. Fascinating



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In 2006 it was time to do the MGB, and since it was our personal car I decided to explore panel bonding vs. welding. Did some "field tests" with scrap pieces of both steel and aluminum, using SEM #39747 glue. Was amazed and convinced that the stuff was every bit as strong as claimed. Beat and twisted the test bits with "extreme prejudice" and with the aluminum, metal fatiguing happened before the glue let go.

The MG has glued and pop-riveted floor pans and "dog-leg" patch panels now. No evidence of the glue failing yet. I have no reservations with using the panel bonding material at all. Great answer for a lot of other bonding needs as well. Aluminum to steel? Yep! Try THAT with a spot-weld...


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Modern cars are all glued, especially the aluminum ones. Thought this over on my old 58 Jag, but might try on my 64 Valiant. The glue is expensive.
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