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Attaching BT7 Dash Facia Panel


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I'm getting ready to attach the dash facia panel (leather) to the dash of my BT7. I'm looking for any hints on how to best do this. Videos that I have viewed on the web ranged from apply the adhesive to both parts and then rolling the facia panel onto the dash in one step to glueing the facia panel to the dash bit by bit. The first method looked good in the video, but it seems that it will be easy to misalign the panel. The second method seems better with regards to avoiding the panel misalignment issue, but might be more difficult to apply the adhesive evenly.

I appreciate any advise.


Rob Glasgow

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I did mine in one go as you described. You don’t have much alignment to worry about. Just cut the material larger than the dash panel. You will cut the holes for the gauges and switches after the glue has dried. I would also recommend leaving a 1/16” lip of material overhanging the gauge openings until the glue is good and dried. I cut my even with the edge and the material shrunk a bit exposing a portion of the dash panel. Fortunately the gauge rim covered the bare areas, but just barely.
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