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MGB Rear Fender Dog Leg Patch Panel


Darth Vader
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Hello Folks, I spend most of my time over on the Austin Healey Forum because I own a BJ7 Healey. But I also own a '74 1/2 MGB which I am finally getting around to restoring. Recently I replaced the left side rear fender dog leg with a repair panel i bought from a usual suspect. I wasn't real happy with the fit, it wasn't too bad but I had to reshape it and rebend the wheel flange. I am now starting on the right side and am about to make my own panel but decided I would look again for a decent repair panel. Can someone suggest a supplier that they think has good panels? The work I put into the left one I might as well make my own but if I can get a good one I will. Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Dave.


Great Pumpkin
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We did the same work on our '64 back in 2005, had the same problem. Fettled the dog-legs to compliance with much language. Wish I'd known of the Heritage Approved ones then. Now I look for Heritage parts whenever available. From water pumps to trim and seals. More initial cost but the extra effort and frustration saved is worth it. JMHO.


Darth Vader
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I appreciate the thoughts but i checked the MGOC link and there is no rear lower repair panel there. You can buy the whole wing or their repair panel which is from the chrome strip down, ( I think). Evidently the dog leg alone is not a Heritage approved item. So that is the bug-a-boo. Ya either buy a poorly made example or ya make it yourself. I guess I'll have a go at it. Thanks for your thoughts.
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