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Interior Door Panel and Top Rail


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FYI ... I am restoring the interior of a BJ8 ... parts from AH Spares ... installed the door top rail ... then door panel ... no matter what I did I couldn't get the door panel fitted. It was always off by a fraction of an inch. I thought am I going to have to trim 1/2 inch off the top or bottom of the door panel; shouldn't have to rebuild the door panel!

I started measuring everything and found that the top door rail was about 5/16 inch too wide ... or tall ... from where it sits on the door to where the door panel butts up to the bottom of the top rail ... the door panel hung below the bottom edge on the door by about 1/2 inch (it should be very slightly below the edge). I put the old top rail on and the door panel fit perfect !

I was wondering if all parts come from the same source. Since the new ones are useless I could peel the vinyl and foam padding off and mount it on the old metal base. Just wanted to share this and vent! LOL. I tried to send some pics but upload kept failing (Lucas software?).
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Re: interior door panel and top rail

Welcome to the world of ā€œhand built carsā€ , itā€™s called character building having to tweak and modify and redo everything to make it fit .


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Re: interior door panel and top rail

I had same problem so I recovered rail on my MG B DYI / LBC. Madflyer


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"Lucas software"! Love it! Doug
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