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59 bugeye spring bushing bolt

Fred Frendley

Freshman Member
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Where can I get a replacement 7/16 bolt on the end of the elliptical spring? Its the 3" bolt that goes in the bushing on the end of the spring. Moss doesnt show it. The thread is stripped on mine.


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Have you tried Ace Hardware? They have a good selection of bolts both Grade 8 and grade 5. The other big box stores have a selection as well.


Fred Frendley

Freshman Member
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Have you tried Ace Hardware? They have a good selection of bolts both Grade 8 and grade 5. The other big box stores have a selection as well.

Thanks. Trick is to find one with partial thread so bushing part is not on thread. Anyone other than Moss out there for Brit parts?


Senior Member
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I picked up replacement hex head bolts at a machine tools and hardware supply company locally. Keep in mind that you will need to flatten one side of the hex head using a bench grinder (or equivalent) in order to allow the bolt to be locked into the built-in tab on the axle housing upright.

Photos below of the original and new bolts.


  • IMG_5059.jpg
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  • IMG_6132.jpg
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