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3 point belts in a Bugeye?


Obi Wan
Country flag
I have someone interested in buying my Bugeye and he asked if I could install 3 point belts. I did a search and there was an old post, but the shoulder belt location point looks too low. Has anyone successfully done this?
Thanks, Rut


Obi Wan
Country flag
Gerard has the retrofit placement on his web page.
Gerard’s Garage
Thanks, that’s the information I read about and the shoulder strap is way too low to be safe. I’m hoping someone has a better solution that I can install.


Jedi Knight
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I placed mine there, however I used a Corbeau harness so both shoulders are restrained. I think the alternative would be to mount on to a roll cage cross bar or a bar running across the back.


Senior Member
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I purchased a set from BugeyeGuys and am very happy with them. The retractor mounts to the top of the rear wheel tub which sits at shoulder height.


Jedi Warrior
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HI Rut,
I don't know if you remember me.I sold you rims and tires about 8 years ago. I also met you in a Church parking lot on my way back To California while towing Miss Agatha. Well anyway my 1960 Old English White Bugeye that I bought from Scott Mcdonald is for sale. So if you could pass that on I would appreciate it.
Bill Mayer


Obi Wan
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Of coarse I do! I’ll be happy to let our regional clubs know, that’s an excellent Bugeye you have.


Great Pumpkin
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I like to see things like that.
Who's who?
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