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Well I Tried with a new SU fuel pump


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I purchased a new points style AUF214 about 4 months ago to replace what looked like the original one from 1965. Had all the brackets, fit perfectly as per factory. I only drive the car occasionally anymore, especially during winter months here in the East as the snow/salt tears up the sheetmetal.

Anyway took it out for a drive yesterday and sure enough fuel starvation set in so I pulled off the road and a couple of raps on the fuel pump got it going enough to make it home. Probably less than 200 miles driven with the new SU pump. In all fairness, Burlen warned me that the solid state version would be better suited for a vehicle that is not used much. What I do like about the points set up is I can get it running again whereas solid state would need a tow.

I had a backup pump that I installed today, a Facet "Posi-Flo" pump that does not make as much noise as a Facet cube type pump I had prior to the SU and it made a lot of racket although it never let me down even though it is solid state.

So, will clean the points on the SU and possibly sell although the plus to me on this pump is it fits as it should on the car. May even consider running both and set up a switching system should one of them stop working.

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