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Recovering Dashboard - Anyone tried this approach?


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I've read lots of threads about recovering dashboard, and getting so far and having everything begin to stick to itself and than get totally FUBAR'd ruining material and wasting time.

So I thought up this method and wanted to see if anyone has tried this,

Mask the vinyl so only the face not the sides of the dashboard get covered with Spray Adhesive, see picture below.

Lay vinyl down first on flat surface making sure there are no wrinkles caused by masking tape. I did not succeed in doing that the first time around as pictures will show.

Mask dash so that only top surface gets adhesive spray

Spray adhesive on vinyl and let it flash for several minutes, Spray dash and let flash,

Remove masking tape from dashboard as well as from vinyl, will keep fingers from getting tacky and allow you a clean surface to grab to stretch fabric

Lay wax paper over ends of the vinyl so you can work and stretch fabric from the middle out.

Line up dash using reference marks for gauges

Press down on middle of dash and work fabric to stretch out from there.

Flip over to see how you are doing and making sure there are no wrinkles in dash face.

Pull wax paper off of one side and smooth out any air bubbles

Repeat on the other side. Roll with rolling pin and make sure center is all stuck down,

Once that is done, spray adhesive on top half of the dash and vinyl. Allow to dry and then stretch and pull into place and place clamps to hold temporarily.

Metal Clips can come a bit later

Be careful on the ends where you need to either make a dart or fold the edges over.

Fabric is stretchy and will conform to the curves in the corners and only one fold should be needed.

Apply glue to other side of dash and fabric, allow to dry and pull into place and affix Clamps and then clips.

So those who have done this before tell me the error of my ways.

I apologize for posting same thing to two forums but trying to get this done today.

TIA for the help

Jim Gruber


  • 2019  07 05 Covering Dashboard .jpg
    2019 07 05 Covering Dashboard .jpg
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watching with great interest


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JP i’ll Provide a complete report.


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I'll admit that I never completed the process but I did it a little different. I used a brush applied 3M adhesive. First I bead blasted the dash, filled any extraneous holes, and sprayed it with epoxy primer. Then I painted it with gloss black enamel. Then I brushed on the adhesive and carefully laid the vinyl down working from the center of the dash outwards towards the edges. I think I used a small roller of some sort to smooth it out and get out any air bubbles and wrinkles. Then I wrapped it over the edges after applying a little more adhesive. I used a box or two of small paper clamps to hold it until it dried. I planned to come back and replace the clamps with proper clips, but later abandoned the project and never completed the process. It seemed to work quite well.


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Thanks Randy, so if you want to restart that project other responses to this thread also on ahexp.com. Thanks.
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