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TR2/3/3A Transmission Lever Assembly


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I am in the final stages in the restoration of my 54 TR-2 Long Door. The transmission has been installed and I have a question about the Lever Assembly. The manual shows a bolt that apparently goes through the cap and keeps the lever from turning around.I haven't seen the bolt and the cap has three holes in it. The rear hole seems to line up with a threaded hole, on the other side does the bolt go through the other two holes and in to something to keep the lever assy from turning around?
Without that bolt the ball end just floats around, hard the shift into a gear.


Dick Vinal

Graham H

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Hello Dick,

This is what it should look like, I think the long bolt is 1/4 inch.


James Christie

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It’s an anti resonance/vibration do-da that came with the TR4 through to the TR6
Supposed to stop the sizzle in the gearlever, not sure that it does


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I have not seen the strap either on my old 62 TR 4 or now my 73 TR 6 or any parts book. Graham nice job I did the same frame off on my TR 6 now going on 27 years ago good times. The parts that were powder coated on my car still look the same today when I went through the car this summer. I went front to rear, new radiator, timing chain and seal, all trans seals, geared starter, all seals on diff. and new carpets. Thanks to C-19 government money and no vacations. Madflyer

Graham H

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My car had that strap when I got it, it had been fitted with a TR4 box I changed it to the TR6 OD box but used the original 3 shift stick.



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You will like the OD my TR 6 had it added so the 500RPM was great for the road and 3rd OD is great on MT roads. As my car did not have the extra lever on the column I made it from the dome lights switch down at the shift lever. easy to wire and use I also changed the seat belt dash light to OD light as a reminder it is in or out. Just some ideas for you. When will you be on the ground running ?? Madflyer


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Glad to see you are moving forward. Restoration is always a problem and then the joy of getting to the other side. Many tr2s have a 2-piece shifter, and the last I heard they are rare. Is yours a 2 piece?
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