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Datsun 210 transmission 5 speed shift lever


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In dire need of a Datsun 210 5 speed transmission shift lever in very good condition. I am in the process of putting this trany into my 1958 Bugeye Sprite hooked up to fresh rebuilt 1275 engine. The one that came with the trany is bad, found out when I sent it to Rivergate for modification. Anyone that has one please get in touch with me ASAP, at mkay@gulftel.com


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In the interim try this: google that model car used parts you will probably find a junk yard that has the part-Fwiw--Keoke


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I need one too. Please let me know if you have another shift lever.
Thanks, Jim


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If anyone has extra shift levers, consider sending them on to Rivergate.
I just ordered (from a local Nissan dealer) the parts needed to mount the lever to our trans: the shift knob is no longer available but everything else seems to be:
32849-H7301 pin to affix lever to transmission - coming from Japan - $ 9.90
32849-H1010 pin (hopefully this is the bushing that fits into each side of the lever and that the pin goes through to hold it in place) - in Canada - $ 5.59 each; need two
32861-H7301 bushing (hopefully this is the plastic 'cup' that fits on the bottom of the shift lever and fits into the trans. in Canada - $ 2.65

Levers are available from Japan: for $ 88.
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