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seats made for triumph replacement good $


Great Pumpkin
They look nice enough. I never saw these before this posting. I'm all set, but I'm sure someone out there can put this information to good use.


Country flag
They look similar to the Corbeau seats, but cheaper.

Not sure I'd want to pay for shipping from the UK on seats of that size however.


They look like Corbeau Classics. I have a set for my TR4A (not installed but they fit). Someone here has them installed too.

btw - a pair of Corbeau Classic runs about $500 shipped.


Darth Vader
The buckets look similar to the Cobra Classics I put in the TR3 racecar, but I didn't have the headrests. They were a little wide, so I modified the gearbox tunnel with a BFH to provide clearance.

I like the white piping, which I asked for on the Classics, but was not available.

I did not mis-spell Corbeau, It's a different company called Cobra, but the seats are identical.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
sabot said:
The Clubman recliner's look like what I snagged out of a 04 RX8 at work here.

Looks like EVO seats to me


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
It's the seat of choice for the kids in their Honda's and Miatas
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