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100/6 replacement front seats


Luke Skywalker
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Hi All
I'd like to upgrade the front seats on my 58 Longbridge 100/6
Any advice?



Well.....Here's what I did on my 1957 100-6 MM vintage racer. At the time I replaced the seats, I still drove the car on the public streets and still could, except my race motor and gearing are a litlle too radical now. I sourced them from my pal Scott Brown with Vintage 31, http://www.vintage31.com/ and had them covered by a local custom shop to my specifications.

'57 Race Seats.jpg


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    Interior '57.jpg
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Depends on what you want: better stock seats, or a complete change. Norman Nock recomended drilling holes (I can try to find his book if you're interested) of a particular size in the seat foam for improved comfort. And I expect that there's some theads on the site discussing this - I believe some folks like the old Miata seats for Spridgets. Good fortune! Doug


Darth Vader
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Dougie, I suppose they are good for racing but do think they would be comfortable for long distance road use. Thanks.


Luke Skywalker
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Dougie, I suppose they are good for racing but do think they would be comfortable for long distance road use. Thanks.

I don't know about that, I've raced in some long enduro's and these seats don't feel any worse then the stock one's in my BJ8....

Interior 4.jpg


Darth Vader
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Thanks Dougie, the reason I asked is that I may have to find something different in my Healey.


Jedi Trainee
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I bought a pair of black leather covered replacement seats from a Dayton, OH, enterpriser on eBay five or six years ago. They are very nicely done and have double forward/rearward travel latches. These are in a 1960 BN7. I think they may occupy a bit more space than the originals but are made correctly to the Healey pattern. One wouldn't know they were not original unless they expected to see vinyl with the white welt. I paid about $1,000 delivered and sold the original seats for $600. Those were freshly and correctly reupholstered but had wear on the driver's side bolster. I don't know if these seats preclude carrying the top stored in the stirrups behind the seats. Because I live today in Florida, I have not even looked at the side curtains that came with the car and only rarely have had the top on it in nearly eight years of ownership. Further to that, I think most Floridians keep the valve closed on the heater hose and never use the heater. In fact, as I have said many time on this site without response, I removed the large hoses from my heater fan motor (which functions), telescoped them together (one is larger than the other), detached the hose from the heater under the dash and use it for a steady supply of (relatively) cool air directed at the driver's feet. If I ever sell the car, I'll first put it all back together. And for those who want their cars to be faithfully original, because mine was purchased with one of those wonderful Toyota five-speed gear boxes there is no thought that the original box and OD on a shelf in my garage will ever see life again.


Great Pumpkin
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Call Knock his son did the hole drilling modification bit to the cushions.
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