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TR2/3/3A Has anyone designed a hand brake warning light for the TR3?


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I see that Gilderman8 has a thread going on BCF about making a hand brake warning light for the TR6 and has gotten some good information. Has anyone designed one for the TR3 handbrake? I have looked at it a couple of times but have not yet figured out how to do it on the TR3. Thanks!


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How about going period correct. Get yourself a ring ,maybe 2" in diameter and when you put on the handbrake you put the ring on the choke knob. Then you have your warning that the handbrake is on until you remove the ring and stow it elsewhere. Like in the door pocket.

Graham H

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If your hand brake is adjusted and working as it should you don't need a warning light, when you try to take off it will just stall. A few well-chosen words later and off you go.



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That reminds me of my oldest son. He was very consistent in applying the parking brake EVERY time he parked a car...but he NEVER remembered to release it. He was driving newer cars, the warning lights worked, but it made no difference, often driving hundreds of miles with the brake engaged. I kept telling him that if he was not setting the brake hard enough to notice it when he started to drive, then he was wasting his time setting it at all! So the moral, if you aren't sharp enough to notice the brake is on, then a light isn't going to help.

Oh...the end of the story. Now 33, my son has destroyed 5 cars. I don't let him drive mine, so he rides a bike to work. He never learned.
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