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TR2/3/3A Has anyone installed one of these slack limiting plates


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My son got this for me for Christmas from Revington TR and forgot I had it. We were hoping it would help my wife in driving the Tr3 on trips. She doesn't like that momentary slack in the steering while cursing down the highway. We are leaving for the TRFs Summer Party Thursday and about 3 hours away. The instructions seem too easy and there hasn't been anything easy in this project so far. Directions say just tighten everything down tight and back it off 1/2 to 3/4 turn. Hope that is the case because time is growing short. Hope someone can help with any tips.


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Yes, it does exactly what it says on the box and remedies a design/wear problem on the worm of the steering box of the sidescren cars - provided that it is only the worm that is worn. Follow the workshop manual to get everthing else right before you go ahead and fit it.
You won't regret it!
I should add -if I'm honest- that the overall wear on the steering box on my 3A had become so great that I went for the Revington R&P solution. The steering is now precise and light at all speeds

Thanks James. I rebuilt the steering box several years ago with a good used worm gear. Steering was amazing after that. Certainly not as precise as modern steering which my wife is use to. Had her drive last year during TRFSP because I was tired. Then had to switch back. Getting the car ready I think I noticed a bit more then usual. I'll try to give it an install tonight.
I used the one offered by Herman van den Akker some years back - until it failed. Unfortunately that one used a different size threaded hole than the original top plate which Herman took as a core upon purchase. I now (again) use a solid pin I made to match the threaded hole in the modified plate.

I think it helped, but not dramatically. Certainly not a cure for a box that is worn to the point of needing a rebuild.

It was, however, very easy to install. Helps to remove the LH horn to get at the box.
Sure did smooth out tight low velocity turns. Didn't seem to make much difference at highway so got home and checked the suspension and found 2 bad driver side tie rod ends. Now I got to scramble to get a new set on by Thursday morning.
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