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TR4/4A Build Date Triumph TR4A IRS


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Hi All'
Firstly many thanks for the pleasure of joining the forum '
I am on the other side of the pond in rural England the county of Herefordshire '
I have recently imported from the Illinois a 1967 registered Triumph TR4A IRS
I have decoded the VIN with regard to it being a non overdrive , LHD , Trim Exterior : New White, Interior : Matador Red Leather .
What I am trying to define is the actual build date ( date of manufacture )
The Chassis No: CTC63795L
Any Help would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks
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Dave, can't help with this - except to say that you have posted in the wrong thread - this is for issues with the forum itself. Perhaps you could re-post on the Triumph forum itself.

good luck!

Mickey Richaud

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Welcome, Dave!

With regard to an actual build date, your best avenue is the British Motor Heritage Trust: https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/archive/heritage-certificates

I can tell you, from Bill Piggott's book, Collector's Originality Guide Triumph TR, that your car is most likely a '66 model. The first one built in January (Jan. 3) of '66 was CTC 64148; yours was built shortly before that. The first one built in January of '67 was CTC 75172. It was not uncommon for cars that languished on dealers' lots to be titled as later models. Regardless, British Motor Heritage can give you more exact info.

And as J-P says, by all means post away over on the TR side - plenty of info and chat opportunities.



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Dave, as JP said, you have posted in the wrong FORUM. The Forum Help forum is for asking questions and the general use of the forum itself (like "how do I post pictures" or "How do I subscribe to a thread?" Etc. I am going to move this thread to our "Triumph" forum where many of our Triumph owners are more likely to see and respond. I am going to move this thread to the Triumph forum, but leave a "pointer" in the orignal forum you popsted in. If you are reading this, you are now in the Triumph forum.

By the way, welcome to the BCF!

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