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Leaf Spring Re-build Options?

About ready to re-install the rear leaf springs on a 1954 Morgan +4, noticing that they appear to come apart quite easily with the u-strap and bolt clamping system and am wondering what the collective wisdom is with regard to disassembling and restoring these. Don't appear to be damaged in any way.

I have seen opinions to put thin strips of Teflon tape between the leaves; a thin coat of chain lube or gear oil; do nothing but clean the surfaces and leaf them alone.

All thoughts welcomed,
BCB Bill


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I'm assuming your Morgan springs are similar to my TR3; in which case I would suggest disassembly for cleaning then a coat of some sort of lube. The TR3 manuals suggest used crankcase oil for periodic spring lubrication, but I see no reason that chain lube wouldn't work as well or better.

Years ago, I asked a local spring shop about Teflon for the springs in my motorhome, and was told they did not recommend it as it would cause the leaves to break. I was doubtful, but followed their recommendation instead (which if anything, made it ride worse). But my experiments so far with TR3 springs and UHMW (teflon tends to distort and squeeze out over time, UHMW is almost as slippery and holds it's shape better) seems to agree with them. Of course, it's tough to be certain that a given spring would not have broken anyway, I've broken a fair number without any Teflon or UHMW. And the whole point of the Teflon would be to soften the ride, which means more spring excursion (for a given bump) and it might just be the extra movement shortening their life.


PS, it's also possible that I need to be more careful about tightening the U-bolts evenly. I've been just running them up with an impact gun, but next time I'm going to use a torque wrench for final tightening.


On Spitfires there are holes in the leaves where rubbery contact buttons were originally installed. A common fix is to buy or make UHMW buttons to take their place. Filled nylons are also sometimes used. As Randall said, Teflon is not a good choice for this application as it continues to flow and distort under pressure.

There are commercial strips you can fit between the leaves but I have not tried them. Take a look at the product in the link below.

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