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Start up Sanity check…..


Jedi Trainee
I’m getting ready (next few weeks) to start my BN1 after 18 years and a ground up rebuild. On the wiring side I had thought it best to blank off all the wires not used for starting (Fuel gauge, lights, horns, signals, O/D, wiper, heater). I did connect the tachometer, oil/water, all ignition circuits, fuel pump, battery switch, chassis grounds, generator, relay, voltage regulator.

I was wondering is this good route to go when you just have a chassis?

Any pointes would be appreciated, on this as well as any other start up pointers.....



Jedi Warrior
Michael :

Sounds good to me ..on my BJ8 rebuild in the mid 80's I made sure there was no spark to the plugs as I first turned her over to make sure the oil presure was good going to the gauge.

Once I established pressure to the gauge I reconnected the electrics and she roared to life..Hopefully you have the same results..Can't wait for the BIG DAY!!!



Freshman Member
Hi all. After a rebuild on my carbs , I'm wondering if anyone has a good starting point on setting the three adjustment screws to get the car running, before the final tuning. HD-8's Thanks

Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
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