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Spitfire 1979 Spitfire Running rough [sputtering, exhaust poping] at start up


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I bought this car about a year ago. I did a tune up about a month ago (new plugs and air filter and oil change). The old plugs were pretty black so I believe the car was running rich. The car ran great with the new NGK Iridium plugs. Was able to take it out about 3 or 4 times. I took the carb apart (Weber 32/36 DGAV switched over to Electric choke by PO) to clean it up and check the float height. When putting it all back together I realized one of the fuel lines was leaking where the clamp was. So I replaced it. At that point I realized where that fuel line went..... So the Weber DGV has two input's, one for fuel line and one optional one which everyone typically just plugs off. Well the PO (previous owner) had a line coming off of the option inlet and going to my Charcoal canister...……. When I replaced that line and started the car yeah it didn't leak anymore but it flooded my Charcoal can and fuel was just pouring out of it...… So I plugged that optional fuel inlet off. And I now only have the crankcase vent and the breather coming off my carb hooked up to a T and running to the charcoal can and my gas tank vent.
So I thought I had it all correct now. Well now my car just sputters and pops (exhaust) when you start it. And if you try and rev it up you can feel the restriction in the exhaust system (running straight pipe). After about 3 minutes or so of running very rough it starts to smoke down low past the headers somewhere... I just turn it off once it starts to smoke. The motor runs rough (shakes violently). I'm at a loss... Feels like the car is missing?? Like the timing is off. It has an pertronix electric distributor and flame thrower coil (they look fairy new). I havnt driven it since it has ran this bad.
Does anyone have any ideas...……………….

Thank you


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With my limited knowledge in general and no knowledge whatever of Weber carbs, it sounds like the electric choke may not be releasing. Try disconnecting it and see if that makes a difference. What else did you do before it started running bad? You probably did something to make your engine unhappy. I hope that better minds than mine will give you some other ideas but I would start with that.
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