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MGA Solution! 1600 harness in a 1500

Bob Branson

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AFTER installing it, I realized the new-never-installed wiring harness I purchased cheap for my 1500 MGA is for a 1600. That meant either buying a new $400+ 1500 harness, jury-rigging the wiring to use the flasher relay, buying 1600 tail light plinths and messing up the 1500 looks, or finding a way to fit a turn signal bulb into the tiny space inside the tail light lens. Here's what I did.
For about $13 on eBay, I purchased five 1/2" LED 12v lights. They will fit into the holes at the top of the tail light base. I used two on each side for symmetry and additional brightness. They're plenty bright, and the third wire from the 1600 flasher will go to them. No need for the relay box now. Hope this helps someone else.


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clever solution! And great example of lateral thinking. While not a solution I need at this very moment, I need to train my mind to realize that there are often solutions (like LEDs) that simply weren't available even a decade ago and that I don't need to be reluctant to use them.

keep us posted!
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