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persistand head gasket leak 1959 mg 1600


Freshman Member
Dear Folks, for several decades i am working for hobby on mg motorcars. Most of the time i manage to solve the technical isseus but now i need advice;
The rebuild engine had a head gasket leak; water sipping out at the right side.
i then used a competition head gasket; same problem.
Then i took the head to a motor shop and they re-flattened it. It was said to have som 'twist'in it.
Convinced the cause was there, i optimistically mounted the head for the 3rd time, adjsuted the head bolts according specs, and it is still leaky!!


Great Pumpkin
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Has the block been checked/decked? Might not be the head, especially if the head was shaved. PJ


Did they check for cracks too?

p.s Welcome aboard! :thumbsup:


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No point checking the head if you don't also check the block deck for flatness. Sounds like what it might be.
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