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MGA Front bumper solution!!

Bob Branson

Country flag
Members have been so much help I wanted to contribute by sharing my solution to the exasperating front bumper installation. After reading Barney's instructions and everything else I could find online, I was still needing a way to compress the spring bars to install the center bolt through the face bar and both spring bars.
I put the nose about a foot from a wall, put the car in first gear and with a screw jack like modern cars use, pressed against the bumper until the holes lined up. (A dental mirror helps.) The jack won't fall down, and you'll have both hands and all the time you need to get the washers and nut on the center bolt. Good idea to install the corner piece bolts at the same time while it's compressed. I know nobody asked, but I can't be the only one out here who was struggling with that infernal bumper.

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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Good job!
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