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T-Series MGTF Dark Red Engine Paint


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Has anybody had any experience with the Dark Red Engine Paint sold by MOSS? I am not so much concerned about the color match, but more so concerned about the product being heat resistant. It is priced about the same as the other paints they offer, so I question is there any difference other than color. Is there other Dark Red paints out there that looks correct on the TF engine?


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Dark canyon red was still available 6 months ago, but it had to be special ordered from the manufacturer. It came in smaller cans. PJ


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I forgot mention that any dealer who sells Duplicolor paints can order dark canyon red if it's not on the shelf. Even though it has been said that it was discontinued, it was still available special ordered. That' how I got mine. PJ
It's on the shelf here at the local Advance Auto Parts, in the Dupli Color Perfect Match line. FWIW, even though engine paint is labled at high heat, you can paint a engine with paint like Perfect match or regular, think of this way you block and cylinder head only get maybe 200 degrees, your hood on your black car in hot sun easily surpass that. I use the DCR on my maroon MG engines all the time, it can bleach if coolant gets on it as well, so can almost any paint, but unlike the Moss engine paint, which is very good paint, that $20 a can and require hazardous shipping, I only get colors form Moss that absolutely cannot get elsewhere, mostly Midget/Sprite Olvie green and big healey met. green, everyting else I can get local for alot less, and no difference in quality.

Here's a DCR MGB race engine I built.


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Here's another shot of the top of a MGA engine I built, and used the DCR.


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PAUL161 said:
Dark canyon red was still available 6 months ago, but it had to be special ordered from the manufacturer. It came in smaller cans. PJ

When I needed some touchup paint for my wife's Z4, I took sample to NAPA and they were able to mix a can that matched pretty well. I'll bet one could have NAPA mix this stuff as well.


Howdy Folks,

I was just driving thru & like to add that I`ve used Moss`s paint on my "T" series & MGA" cars in the past with "Outstanding" results.

I`ve also physically have seen "Haps" engines finished & look "Outstanding" as well.

Which is the less costlier of the two evils; I`m not sure???????

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