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T-Series 1954 MGTF [not the new TF] gearbox


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Hi everyone,
I justjoined because I just made a deal to get a 1954 MGTF. It is missing most of the gearbox, basically I need clutch housing and everything back to the driveshaft. Anyone have an idea of where I can find one and what I should pay? This car has been sitting in a garage for 30 years and needs a lot of work. Rust wise it only has surface rust. The doors do sag a bit, but everything seems sound. Also are there any patterns out there for the wood floorboards? I traded $3,500. (U.S. dollars) worth of work on a house for it . I figure I did okay? What do you all think? Thanks, Classiccarguy


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Seeing how you don't have a transmission for the car, I would put in one of the 5 speed conversions for a T series car. You would be happier with the extra gear, almost like overdrive and with the stump puller rear, it'll make life a little easier. Now if you are restoring it to factory original, then you need the factory transmission. PJ

Marvin Gruber

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I have a TD trans which is the same trans for a TF. I am headed to Fort Walton next week for a week. Have a few parts (I have a running TF right now). I will PM you with my phone number and address. We can talk about the trans and could bring it down next week.



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MGTF1250Dave said:
Aloha Clssiccarguy,

Here is a link to a pattern for floor boards:


Although they are labeled for a TD <span style="color: #FF0000">others have used the pattern to make TF floorboards.</span>

<span style="font-size: 10pt">Yup, their the same! I used these drawings to make my new TF floor. PJ</span>
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