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T-Series MGTF Shifter Rattle???


Jedi Hopeful
I am having a loud shifter rattle on our TF. I pulled the retaining clip, cap and spring then I cleaned it up and added new grease, put it back together but it still rattles.

Here are my two questions.

I pulled up gently on the shifter once the retaining rings are removed but the shifter would not come out easily. How do I get the shifter to release from the ball insert at the base of the shifter linkage?

The second question is what could be causing the rattle, I looked in the Moss catalog and I do can not see anything other then the spring and ball at the bottom, no bushing that I can see.



Jedi Knight
If you check the following exploded view look for number 36. There is one on each side of the shift lever and they are pins that are pressed into the alloy cover that sit in the slots on the side of the shifter. These hold the shifter in place. Use a small screwdriver in the slots to push them out to release it. They may be stubborn. As for the rattle, it could be coming from anywhere along the shifter linkage. Check parts 38 and 39 to be sure they're still there, they are a ball and spring inserted in the lever to hold the shifter in the socket. If cleaning and greasing the bottom of the shifter and ensuring the ball and spring are good doesn't fix it then you might need to remove the alloy cover and examine the rod and other lower bits.



You may be missing the spring and ball. Every now and then, the split pin holding them in place shears off in my TC and the rattle returns.


Jedi Hopeful
What holds the spring and ball in the shaft? It looks like the hole goes all the way through to towards the rear of the car. Or does it slide in from the shifter ball hole and the hole in the shaft gets smaller to stop the spring from sliding through?

On the Moss picture I see the spring and ball but nothing to retain the spring in.


If it's the same on my TC (can't get to the TD transmission to check) it slides in from the rear, towards the shifter ball. A split pin then slides vertically through a small hole to hold it all in. You have to compress the spring to get the pin in.
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