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T-Series Victor MGTF [Sebarnes]


Great Pumpkin
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Scott, Thanks for the comments on the TF, but when the innuendos start coming in on a serious thread, it's time to move on as boredom is starting to take over. Doesn't bother me, I'm too old for that! On a second note, build your car the way it makes you happy and don't worry about the negative comments! Your saving the car from the grave yard and that's impressive! No matter how much time, effort or money you put into your car, there will always be someone who will have a negative comment about something your doing. Some comments are valid and need research for your restoration. Put those on the desk top and keep them, but don't let the negatives bother you, put them in the oval file, it's all part of the game. I personally would like to follow your progress and see photos of your car, before during and after. Don't worry about the ~paint police~, as you put it, their in the minority. I even thought once about painting my car a 2009 Mercedes color used on their prototype! Think that would turn some heads? There's a lot of us that would like to see your progress on the car. Keep them coming! PJ
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