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Good place for O/D trans rebuild near Detroit?


Senior Member
I have a TR4A currently undergoing a restoration, and I'm getting to the point where I should have the trans rebuilt--
Question is where? Any known reputable shops near Detroit?
Any ideas what I should expect it to cost? The Overdrive never worked, despite replacing the solenoid and relay. The lever on the trans was definitely moving, but did not engage the O/D. Also, the last time I drove it 1st gear was making some growling noises. Would I be better off sourcing a known good gearbox, or should I rebuild?


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Welcome to the forum! -probably best to hook into the Detroit Triumph club to get some recommendations if you haven't tried yet. Not in Detroit, but people like Steve Yott near the Wisconsin/Illinois border or Ed Woods in Pennsylvania might be able to do the work or suggest someone. There is also John Esposito with Quantum Mechanics in Connecticut who makes a living at just that sort of thing.

ps. don't know the cost involved, but if it were me I'd try to find someone you trust to take a look at the box you have - it may need very little work which could wind up the cheaper route. Fully rebuilt, guaranteed od gearboxes are typically in the $2k neighborhood.

Marvin Gruber

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I have a buddy in Alabama that rebuilds overdrives, he's done two for me and some for a couple of the guys here on the Forum. Brad Orndoff in Gulf Shores.251-978-4635


Geo Hahn

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Here's where I got mine: Quantumechanics

Not the cheapest -- possibly the most expensive -- but has been a very reliable, troublefree unit.

Not sure what exchange John would give on an OD gearbox or if he would rebuild your unit but a good guy to talk to about your options.
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