I pulled the seats out of my Courier #15 for replacement with more supportive Kirkey Racing's vintage seats. They are no doubt the originals and are in pretty good shape given their age, though some of the stitching is gone.

I normally save original parts on all my cars but the seats are pretty big to store and will probably just deteriorate in a corner somewhere. If someone is doing a restoration and can put them to use I'd be happy to pass them along for the shipping--I'm located in Maryland (USA). Pictures are available--I jujst haven't figured out how to attach or imbed them using the new BCF format.

BTW there are small diamond-shaped plates on the underside of the seat cushions saying "Lulta"--I assume they made the seats though I cannot find any information on such a company.

Best--Michael Oritt
Elva Courier 100/15L