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TVR Vixen


Freshman Member
Hey guys im new to the forum and British cars in general. I am looking for a Vixen or the like to buy and was wondering if you guys have any leads or suggestions before i buy or any good sources of information besides here. I am looking to buy within the next year or so which means im in no real rush.

Just as a little background i have a couple cars already one is a for ranger which is my daily and my second is a 93 rx7 which i build the engine and put most of it together so i am no stranger to building things. Also i am a welder by trade and have all of my own equipment and have done alot of custom aluminum work and turbo manifold work on rx7's. I also have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and am currently finishing up my masters.

Any info or suggestions would be great thanks a lot guys!



Great Pumpkin

You might try to contact Rich Rock via the Private Message method here.

He might have some ideas.

You could also try the TVR Club (Rich is a member)
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