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Old History - List of USA TVR Authorized Dealers


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The latest date I have found with this material is in 1978….
Lucas Part Number cross reference…

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1976-1977 Air Conditioning Retrofit Parts List…
Supplemental price list from TVR USA (26 Sept. 1977) showing the Air Conditioning Kit for $526.70, Blaupunkt Frankfurt for $185, and a Berlin for $1055…
I would suspect it is all from '76-78. It came in a folder labeled "Invoices". I think the documentation came from International Import Sales Company, in Medina Ohio, but the paperwork I posted was provided by TVR America, in New York City.
Interesting. The Chequer Imports building (which think was d/b/a Chequer Motors) in Houston is long gone but the TVR sign is still in place and both sides appear intact. The building (showroom?) was small, wood and maybe octagonal shaped. I wounder if they were an MG dealer at some point. Grady
Here’s a couple of pictures of the TVR sign and the old Checquer Imports building I found on line…

I’m sure it would be a big hit with this crowd!

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That's it. So I guess it was round (see how memory goes :smile: ) I do remember the shop bays in back. The highway was expanded and took the land but for some reason the sign still remains.
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