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Tips for installing intake manifold plugs in a stock Bugeye?


Darth Vader
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Been a while since I have been on the forum. Nice to be back. I need some help. While driving, one of the plugs in the intake manifold just popped out. Brought my Bugeye to a quick stop. Anyone ever heard of this happening before? I am going to be reinstalling both plugs-anyone have any tips for me on doing this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Did the car back fire?


Darth Vader
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No, just a loss of power, and then it would not start again. At the time I didn't even think to check for a missing plug.
I've never removed those plugs so I have no idea how they fit. I would assume they are tight enough that you could use the bearing adhesive that is made by loc-tite.

Joe Schlosser

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Never heard of this before. Where did you find plugs.
I would use a good dose of JB Weld around the plugs to make sure they stay in place


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Maybe peen them after installing (if that is the correct term) to help keep them in. I've heard of people doing this to the freeze plugs in the block.


Obi Wan
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Welcome back! I don't know the real name, but I used mini freeze plugs in mine and just pressed them in.
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