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Still getting ready for Triumphest...

Trevor Triumph

Jedi Knight
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I think I have the differential solved, thanks. But the aroma of gasoline was in the garage the last week, I thought it was fumes from a gas can. I opened the door ran the swamp cooler and it was gone, but returning in a day or three. Tonight while adding brake fluid to the master cylinder I looked at the fuel pump. The pump is about ten years old, the bolts holding the halves together are tight, and the diaphragm is wet. It is time to get an electric pump for this car too. Again I marvel at the thought of a leaky gas pump over the sparking started motor.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Even old electric pumps fell to the demon rum; the diaphragm on the little electric AC pump on my motorhome generator literally turned to goo. But a new, ethanol-resistant rebuild kit should squeeze another 40 years or so out of it.

Trevor Triumph

Jedi Knight
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What is the PSI for an electric fuel pump? I bought one for the other Spitfire preparing for Triumphest last year. Now I can't find the paperwork.
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