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Warranty still good


Jedi Warrior
It was on this date 59 years ago that I was given this warranty along with the keys to my new Sprite. I didn't bother to read the warranty as I just wanted to drive my car back to my base. After 500 miles I took it back to Donald Healey's dealership for the check up that was scheduled for all new cars. Recently I was looking at the back side of the warranty and realized that it had excellent suggestions for check ups. It seems to me that all of the work items listed there would be excellent work to perform on the car annually. Little Mo is, in many ways, better now than when I bought it but these maintenance checks might allow me to drive it until I become an old man.


  • Warranty (Copy).jpg
    Warranty (Copy).jpg
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what a great part of the history!


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Very cool! I'm off to the factory to get a total rebuild then!