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Pertronix Ignitor - old potential reliability issue is still there


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I e-mailed Pertronix yesterday asking if their Ignitor was still at risk for failure if it was left powered up without the engine running (we have one on a VW powered Meyers Manx clone buggy, and had it fail this way a few years ago. Pertronix was good enough to repair it, with no charge). They replied today that it still has the same old potential issue, but suggested their Ignitor II , but for negative ground only (and I appreciated that recommendation too!):

"Sorry we haven't changed the design. The Ignitor would still have the same rules. Sorry.

If you were not running a positive ground we could talk about the Ignitor II version but it doesn't work in a positive ground.

Your Pertronix Team,
Marvin Grebow Jr.

Technical Dept."

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