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HEAVY WEATHER ALERT!! Tyler,Texas Regionals


Jedi Hopeful
Anybody in Tyler, that might happen to be reading,...There looks to be a line of HEAVY Thunderstorms comin' your way within an hour or so! I don't normally get too excited, but ALL those TR's and the threat of HAIL, just had to let somebody know.
Check your local weather, but there was at least 1 tornado east of Foat Wuth.
Good luck


Jedi Trainee
Bob, with hail forecasted, arrangements were made with a nearby bank to use their covered parking garage for the night. We're all hoping it will pass thru tonight as forecasted. The regionals have been great. Good variety of cars in attendance.


Jedi Hopeful
Hey David,...Shoulda known the good folks at "Red River Triumph" would have this sort of contengency covered.
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" today and supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny tomorrow. You guys have fun!
Take care B
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