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BJ7-BJ8 outer weather strip for door window


Obi Wan
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Who sells the best BJ7/BJ8 outer weather strip in rubber. This is the rubber piece that attaches to the chrome door waist moulding, that squeegees the window.

Moss #282-380/390 $5.39 each, don't seem to last very long. Rubber gets brittle and cracks.

MacGregor sells a pair, Door Glass Outer Wipe Strip, (Squeegee) Strip. BJ8/BJ7, pair $22.00. (Twice as expensive, so better? Assuming not the same ones from Moss?)

Other vendors sell outer weather strips too. Any vendors sell a better quality strip then the ones I keep replacing from Moss.

Also would be interested in better quality BJ8 inner brush strip.
Moss $6.97, MacGregor $12 pair. (Most likely the same, price being equal)

I believe MacGregor makes or sells Bristleflex, which I find to be of a very high quality door/windshield post/top frame seal. Assuming, their door glass outer wipe strip maybe of better quality rubber?

John Turney

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My only experience with MacGregor is that I ordered a pair sidescreen weatherstripping the beginning of March. They still haven't shipped yet.

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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I have found the best way to deal with MacGregor is in person cash in hand when they are at car shows .
He rarely answers the phone or email etc .
Not good because the stuff he sells is good quality.


Jedi Hopeful
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Good question! I bought some new ones and couldn't get them to work. Every time I wound the window down they folded with the window and were dragged down into the space between the door and the window. No amount of lubrication would stop it. I ended up refitting the old one's.
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