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TR2/3/3A Weather Gear


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So, as Dad and I gather up our treasures, dust them off (and in some cases, sandblast and paint) to prepare for our pilgrimage the far reaches of Armagh PA, we are finding (well, he's finding, I'm just vibrating with glee) more treasures that won't get loaded up since the 60 is in need of them (eventually).

I found a boot-stick cover in white that I won't use and lovingly tossed it on the pile, only for Dad to say he had one as well (in black, no less). Both need some cleaning, though without professional degrees in in vinyl care, I don't know how to make it really white again. Hopefully someone might want or need it enough to figure it out. Dad also has a top-frame and tonneaux cover as well. I think I'm getting them both since he has a hard top. He already offered the top frame, so I have to find my own top (eventually). What I would like to know (since the top frame has red-oxide primer brushed on to it) is, what color were they painted? Body color, just black, just white, maroon?

Memories are funny, I thought I remembered him with the rag-top on his car but he says he has never had one. Then why does he have a top-frame? Maybe he got it (50 years ago) in hopes that I would one day grow up and before my 55th birthday, restore (or attempt to restore) a car just like his.

Don't care why he has it, just glad he does.

We sand-blasted a set of wire wheels he picked up cheap at a swap meet (well, I sand-blasted, he supervised). We should have been prepping the treasures, but we had been having issues with the blasting box (not feeding right) and after I got that sorted, decided to pull one of these old wire wheels off the shelf and squeezed it into the box. The box is a HF special and it's pretty ok for small parts, a bit challenging for a wire wheel but it'll do. I get done with it fairly quickly (only about 30 minutes) and dad has snuck up on me with another. OK, I'm getting to play in his sand box with his toys, and more than a few of those toys I'll get to keep (tonneau, boot-stick cover, Stromberg Carbs etc) so I start on another, and that one goes even faster. I take it outside to blow the dust off and he's painting the first one. Krylon brilliant silver paint+primer.

I'd used that on an old steel rim (after a good scrubbing and drying) and it came out really nice (I mean really nice!) and had bought a few more cans the last time I had gone out, in case I got to frustrated with body work. I'll walk away from stuff and do something else when I get frustrated. With 10 million little (and big) things to do on my TR (and Dad's as well), I can easily find something else to distract me. I think Dad does too.

We did 5 wheels in about 90 minutes. Yeah, he got 5 wire wheels (60 spoke) at a swap meet. I won't tell you what he paid, you wouldn't believe me. I only hope I find a deal like that this year. Even half as good would be unreal.

I don't know exactly what I need beyond lug nuts (I know, I'm missing 4), but I do know what I'd like (want). Panasports (or the like) or a set of wire wheels. I'd love to find a top for my top frame. It'd be cool to find a back seat.

My bonnet and trunk hinges look crappy but I have them. I have two grills that have seen better days, but I have them. I could use two good fenders that are ready for paint but doubt I'll find them.

Any of the above list, but at swap meet prices.

Right, but I can dream.


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Talk about surprise finds Ron. Several years ago I bought a trailer load of Triumph bits and they have sat on my shelves as I do the body work on the car. The other day a friend was around and I had put my rusty old top frame on the car. Mentioned that there was a crappy top in a bag amongst the stuff from the trailer. Had previously glanced at it, having looked at the crappy tonneau cover in the bag as well. We pulled out the hood to look at it only to find it is brand new and never been used. For some reason the tenax connectors that attach across the top of the windscreen have been removed but otherwise it is pristine. My original plan was to use it as a template to make a new one but that is no longer necessary. I love surprises.


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I hope to find a top at this upcoming swap meet. Its a 5 hour drive up. My Dad sold absolutely nothing, but came home with some nice stuff.



Jedi Hopeful
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I hope to find a top at this upcoming swap meet. Its a 5 hour drive up. My Dad sold absolutely nothing, but came home with some nice stuff.

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