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TR2/3/3A Weather strip adhesive


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I am trying to attach the weather stripping to the bottom of the doors on my Long Door 54 TR-2. 3M Super Weather strip Adhesive is worthless! The first time you close the door, the strip comes right off. I used a 3M spray adhesive on my carpets, works great! I wish it came in a tube. I tried to spray the gap in the wx strip and you end up wearing the stuff.

Anybody found something that works?



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On the TR3A the weather stripping is held by spring clips that go into holes in the bottom of the door. The TR2 may be different though.



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The TR-2 long door has a metal strip at the bottom of the door, on the inside. It has a "V" shaped weather strip that slides onto the trim; and needs adhesive to hold it on.



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The spray contact adhesive also comes in a can, with a different brand - Weldwood. If you think that contact adhesive would work try getting a small can of it. Then you can brush it on.


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I like this stuff works very well, I live in the Evergreen State.


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I've used the 3M shown above and also Permatex Black Super Weatherstrip Adehesive. Both work very well.



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Might have to go to a non-chain parts store. I get mine locally thru old family parts store. Marine dealers sell it too as it has a minimum order when purchsed business wise.


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3 M makes stuff for ever thing and direction to follow but clean is always number one. I use 3 M emblem cement on most things comes in tube like thick super glue for painted areas. Madflyer
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