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TR2/3/3A door blistering with rust


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This car is a 20 year old restoration and kinda has a patina look to it, so when I found a couple of paint spots on the bottom door that were blistering with rust from neglect and the fact it rains here about half the time, I decided to do a spot fix. I took the door off and taped it up then hit the blister spot with my little sand blaster then put on some seam sealer and primmer. The door probably needs a new skin and I have another door, so I will maybe wait for a better match of the whole car, but again this is an all-weather driver.

My question is what is a good way to blend in the paint if I spray it with a rattle can of professional mixed auto paint, or should I brush the paint on, or purchase a quart and try my little touch up gun. My gut says spray a very small area and buff it and try to feather it in. The blusters must have been there awhile and I missed them.

The door is original, but the outer sill was replaced when restored. Perhaps inside the door water got through and got into the pinch weld. I really think I would have been better off leaving some of the weather stripping off to help drain the door; maybe put the weather stripping in in 2 or 3 pieces to have some more holes to drain, but heck that might let the water in, not sure.



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If you get a good color mask you might try "back masking" around the spot with the rattle can and then compound the area. Better to do the whole door in my opinion or mask it off at the crease so you don't have to deal with the capping and studs. You will also have more control with your paint gun rather than the rattle can.


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I always painted the entire panel, but I have noticed that modern body shops prefer to feather the spray over just a partial panel. I figure it goes back to the fact older paints faded badly, and modern paint holds it’s color much better. If you decide to feather, still strip all wax from the door using a wax remover. Then rough the door with 1200 grit or more. It won’t feel like roughing...but on a paint level it is. Then feather 3 coats, with each covering just a bit more area than the previous coat. In the end, do a normal buff to complete the blend.

I’m more comfortable with touch up guns. I can never get a rattle can to work without clogging at the worst times.


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Well figured out how the water got in that door and caused the bottom of the door paint to blister. I had stripped this car down 20 years ago and I kinda remember those holes in the door jamb from a prior wreck that happened before I owned the car. I guess the little slits let the body man pull the door out. I figured the paint shop would fix whatever and the paint job came back very nice. I undercoated the car and even did the inside of the door behind the door panel, but after time the water got through.


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