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Door Latch Mechanism


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I’ve been assembling my doors after painting and having a few problems . I’ve replaced the handles with new items from from AH spares . The trouble is that the operating bar that connects to the latch hits the cranked lever from the handle and stops anything moving . As I didn’t dis-assemble myself I have no reference photos . I wonder if the cranked lever on the new handle needs bending more .
Anybody else had this problem ? Or has anybody got pictures of the mechanism up inside the door ?
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Re: Door latch mechanism

Have just done the same job! Try fitting the inside door handle first then when holding the handle in the open position slide in the new outside handle. You will probably find that a few adjustments are necessary. If the o/s handle fits the body ok you are lucky mine didn't & some filing was needed.. Inside where the lever meets the upright internal lever I had to file a fair bit off to give clearance when both handles are released. Hope this helps can send pictures if needed

Ray noble

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Hi Richard removed my off side assembly some time back and found if I removed the tiny screw the door handle would go forward and effectively lock the door from the inside , thought this was interesting point , sending a picture from when I removed the door mechanism last year
Hope it’s of help. 1958 BN6


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Hi Ray,
Are you sure the lever didn't lock the door with the screw in? I recall the lock is a designed feature. Push the lever one way opens the door, the other locks it.
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