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Cost to ship 1275 Cylinder Head?


Jedi Hopeful
Anyone have an idea of what it costs to ship a cylinder head from a 1275 engine? I just sold on on Ebay and need to quote the cost.



Jedi Knight
Why not take it to your local UPS or FedEx or even the post office since it isn't that heavy and have the weight it and work out a cost to the destination??
It'll be difficult for someone here since you didn't specify where it's going and how fast it needs to go, and that will drive the cost.
MikeP said:
... isn't that heavy ...

Obviously, you have not had one land on your foot after flipping off the workbench. :frown:


Luke Skywalker
BugeyeNJ58 said:
Anyone have an idea of what it costs to ship a cylinder head from a 1275 engine? I just sold on on Ebay and need to quote the cost.


Both FedEx and UPS have shipping calculators on line at their web site. All you need is the weight and destination ZIP code. I use FedEx all the time. You can set up an account on-line and even pay and print labels. Easy!
Here's a hint to save you on package shipping, anyone can open an account with UPS or Fed Ex online, and even print their own shipping labels with printer, places like the UPS Store are middle men, they are privately owned, so they just mark up the crap out of the cost. You can open up a UPS account online in a matter of minutes, if you ship occasionally, it's well worth it. People often tell me to use the USPS to save money, because they use it and don't know any better, but having an UPS/FEDEX account is way under any pricing the USPS can do, even the flat rate boxes on many destinations.


Jedi Hopeful
Thanks everyone.
Hap - that's what I did.
BTW, Staples shipping is cheaper than going to a "brown" store.
I use my near by Staples as a drop off point, I have a UPS account, don't go for the $16 a week pick up service, and just drop off at Staples on the way home. If you end up Ebaying alot, just open a UPS account online, you can pay with your debit/credit card online asyou do each shipment, it will let you print your bill and shipping label, and then drop off at any UPS drop off point for pick up for free, works for me.
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