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What does it cost to ship a Datsun 5-Speed?


Jedi Warrior
Hey guys,
I was wondering what it costs to ship a crated up datsun 5-Speed and kit (adapter, flywheel, prop shaft,etc). I was going to PM BillM on this one since I figured he may know best but it told me he was over PM limit! LOL.

Thanks again guys, I just need a ballpark!



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Put in on the bathroom scale and figure out the weight first of all with crates.
I'd guess around $60. But that is mostly a guess based on my failing memory.


From UPS it is $80 to anywhere in the US.
A trans by itself is $60.
If you go to one of those "UPS stores" then add 30-40%.
I take it to the UPS distrib center.


Jedi Warrior
Yeah it was like 10 years ago when I bought my 5-Speed and I can't even recall a ballpark. Was it $50, $100? Don't recall but somebody here must've shipped or had one shipped recently. I'll definitely try to get it crated ASAP and weigh it and that'll probably be the easiest way to get an accurate estimate.



Shipping is FREE !!!! Just ship it to me C.O.D on the charges. :thumbsup:


Jedi Warrior
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When Paul A. shipped my 5-speed to me in December 2004 he charged $75.20 for packing and shipping. I'm sure that charges today will have risen.
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